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Supermemory is your ultimate hub for organizing, searching, and utilizing saved information with powerful tools like a search engine, writing assistant, and canvas.

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remembers everything.

... so you don't have to. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just a person on the the internet. we got you covered.


Never lose a great idea again - instead of saving it in your head, save it in supermemory.

The internet is full of great ideas, but there's a problem. They are ephemeral. They come and go.


Simply great bookmarking tool.

Good bookmarking tools have ways to import and organise your bookmarks. Great bookmarking tool resurfaces them when you need them.


Life is all about the people you know.

Tell supermemory about people you know, and when you forget, you know where to look.

Sounds super cool? There's more.

Smartest AI

We paid attention to details.

a small team of 4 student developers who have one mission.
Make the best second brain for everyone.

  • Privacy focused

  • Works everywhere you are

  • Self hostable

  • Super affordable, with a generous free tier

Searching your second brain...

Supermemory works everywhere you are.

We already have integrations for Telegram and Twitter (X), with whatsapp and SMS coming soon. So you can add and query data in a private manner, from anywhere.

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Privacy First

We use state-of-the art technology and providers to make sure that your data is completely safe and secure, and only store what's absolutely needed.

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Open Source

You dont even need to trust us. Just deploy it yourself and enjoy the benefits.

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Bringing content in is easy.

You can use our chrome extension, iOS shortcut, or our API to send content to supermemory.

Self hostable

All the code is open source and self hostable for non-commercial use.

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A "Second brain" made for you... or your team

Supermemory offers all the vital building blocks you need to transform your gold mine of content into a powerful knowledgebase for yourself, your team or even a group of friends!

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  • Twitter Bookmarks

    Use all the knowledge you've saved on Twitter to train your own supermemory..

  • Powerful search

    Look up anything you've saved in your supermemory, and get the information you need in seconds.

  • Chat with collections

    Use collections to talk to specific knowledgebases like 'My twitter bookmarks', or 'Learning web development'

  • Knowledge canvas

    Arrange your saved information in a way that makes sense to youin a 2d canvas.

  • Just... bookmarks

    AI is cool, but sometimes you just need a place to save your stuff. Supermemory is that place.

  • Writing assistant

    Use our markdown editor to write content based on your saved data, with the help of AI.

Collect data from any website on the internet

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... and bring it into your second brain

Launching July 1st, 2024

Your bookmarks are collecting dust.

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