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Build your own second brain with Supermemory

Bring saved information from all over the internet into one place where you can connect it, and ask AI about it

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Use cases

Save time and keep things organised

With Supermemory, it's really easy to save information from all over the internet, while training your own AI to help you do more with it.

For Researchers
Add content to collections and use it as a knowledge base for your research, link multiple sources together to get a better understanding of the topic.
For Content writers
Save time and use the writing assistant to generate content based on your own saved collections and sources.
For Developers
Talk to documentation websites, code snippets, etc. so you never have to google the same thing a hundred times.
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Import all your Twitter bookmarks

Use all the knowledge you've saved on Twitter to train your own supermemory.

Chat with collections

Use collections to talk to specific knowledgebases like 'My twitter bookmarks', or 'Learning web development'

Powerful search

Look up anything you've saved in your supermemory, and get the information you need in seconds.

Knowledge canvas

Arrange your saved information in a way that makes sense to you in a 2d canvas.

Just... bookmarks

AI is cool, but sometimes you just need a place to save your stuff. Supermemory is that place.

Writing assistant

Use our markdown editor to write content based on your saved data, with the help of AI.

Collect data from
any website on the internet

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... and bring it into your second brain

Your bookmarks are collecting dust.

Launching July 1st, 2024

Time to change that.
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